Crossdresser Selfie or Sex Selfies?

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Crossdresser Selfies.

Crossdresser Selfie, or even better crossdresser SEX selfies, now we are talking and if there’s one thing this admirer loves doing is accessing crossdresser sex selfies, but the interesting thing according to some lifestyle websites sex selfies are new !!


With a heading like “Sex Selfies” that I saw on a magizine website and asking the question, “are people really posting photos of them having sex with others” it was bound to get my attention and maybe that was the idea.


Aussie Crossdresser sex selfies are nothing new crossdressers and admirers have been uploading selfies for years onto dating sites and whilst the mainstream media maybe just waking up to the idea that people like taking sex selfies for us its old school…but also very horny.


Crossdresser Selfies,or not.

Why is it that some think sex selfies are on the increase? Maybe because of sites like Reddit that allow Crossdressers & admirers to upload photos, although personally for this admirer that’s taking my sex selfie image and opening to a far bigger audience, I prefer to keep my selfies inside a private members site.


But it wasn’t that long ago that you would have never dreamed of saying you liked doing selfies as for most the word selfie meant one thing alone and that’s some annoying duck face pout on some teen girl and the last thing any adult would want is that.


Maybe more Crossdressing sex selfies are being posted now due to better phones and giving most the chance to snap away whilst enjoying themselves with an admirer or more (lucky girl) and its defiantly the case when looking at personals that I’m seeing more uploads of sex selfies.


Crossdresser selfies and more so sex selfies are easy to upload into adult personals sites, in fact the images above are probably mostly selfies, although clearly not SEX selfies, the reason for this is we only post non adult selfies outside of the members section, once a member you can access these and a LOT more.


Private Sex Selfies.

When you take selfies often its images you want to share with everyone, and I’m sure for many that’s the case, but what about Crossdresser sex selfies? Photos that perhaps show you with another crossdresser or admirer?


For these selfies maybe you want to restrict who can see them, or if it doesn’t worry you, then just upload to your photo profile, because we have no restriction on image content so long as its your photo & you are not doing anything illegal


But for private images these can be uploaded to your private folder where members will have to ask if they can view your selfies and will require a password that you control. If you have any you can also upload selfie sex videos. So these selfies are completely under your control who can have access to


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