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OK who doesn’t love to meet up and chat with others especially knowing that you are within a group of like-minded people that joined the site to hook up with either admirers or other Aussie Crossdressers.


Dating sites have changed so much over the last few years offering features that for many have turned it into like having your very own Crossdressing club right in your home.


By joining us you’ll be able to click on the chatroom and access members not only in Australia but right around the world chatting about just about anything and everything, but in most cases looking for local meets and building online friendships.


Making Chatroom Friends & Contacts ..

Once a member accessing the chatroom is easy, just click on the link and you’ll be taken to the chatroom. Members online are listed along with there location, so if you see someone local you can directly access there profile and photos from there.


If you like what you see and the member is interested in meeting up with you just send a quick private flirt message and start chatting…its THAT easy to make contacts and build friendships up.


Building friends and contacts is also easy, just click on the members detail, add as a friend, that way when the member is in the chatroom you’ll be able to see them faster..   .

Sex Chatrooms …its all about SEX ?  ..

Yes and no. Many people use the chatroom as a place to meet up and hangout chatting with others. But a lot also come along to find local sex contacts and it’s a great place to meet up online and take things further.


By joining Australian Crossdressers you’ll know that all the people using the chatroom are seeking some type of contacts. Join us today and start chatting online with local CD contacts   

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The aim of Australian Crossdressers is to offer Australian CDs and admirers a safe website to meet up and arrange local contacts. Profiles on this site are the types of personals you can expect to see inside the members section.  Join us and meet up with confidence. © Australian Crossdressers is powered by Ambiance Ltd


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